Hi Robyn, lovely to hear from you. Your advice was really helpful for our colour selection appointment with the builder. We’re very happy with our choices and will definitely send you pics of the final product when it is eventually completed.

Client, Ryde


“Many thanks for the package. The colours are great. Thanks also for the contacts. Will definitely take photos for you. I suspect I might require your services for round 2 in the New Year. Thanks again.”

Margie, Concord


We’ve just installed shutters in our front windows at home and are very happy with the way the house is looking. We really love the colours Robyn recommended!

Liz, Balmain

Hi Robyn,

Hope you are well. We’re nearly there, about another week to go and we should be in on the long weekend. The painter has done one coat of the inside but hasn’t started the outside yet. The inside colours look fantastic! Resene was a great choice, their neutrals have a real depth to them. The splashback looks fantastic too!

Bronte client

We have only just had the painting finished as of late last week, took a little longer with the weather etc, but the end result is fabulous and it has totally changed the feel and look of our home. Just loving the green, and the purple is a standout!!

(Neutral green and white for the exterior and a purple feature wall in the garden for plants to grow on)

Peter, Roseville


“The schemes are great; only positive feedback from the members who have had a preview.’

Building Manager of a multi storey residential block – Pitt St

Good afternoon Robyn,

“The colours are fantastic and we are really excited about testing them out, once the builders put up some walls!
Thanks also for the pressed tin panel suggestions, we have narrowed it down to three of the five, which is great.
We’ll definitely send you some photos when the house is finished.”

Client – Bronte

“Many thanks for the package. The colours are great. Thanks also for the contacts. Will definitely take photos for you. I suspect I might require your services for round 2 in the New Year. Thanks again.”

Margie, Concord

Just letting you know that the painters have finished at our house and we are really pleased with the results.
We have received lots of positive feedback from neighbours and passers by and I think some of the doubters of the orange have come around now that it is finished.
Thanks for your help in picking the right colours. Please come past and have a look when you are next in the area. We are happy for you to take some after photos.

Balmain client

This is excellent, look forward to receiving in the post and thank you for
translating our thoughts!

More than happy to send you the final look, once we
have finished the back landscaping.

Thanks again, this was definitely an investment to us

Peter, Roseville

We’ve just installed shutters in our front windows at home and are very happy with the way the house is looking. We really love the colours Robyn recommended!

Liz, Balmain

“Just writing to let your know that my renovation is now completed and I’m absolutely delighted with the result. I took on board all your suggestions and I have walls in vivid white with a feature wall in ‘Spatial Spirit’ at half strength, timber venetians, new wardrobe doors, blackbutt floors, computer chair covered in chili red fabric from Matt Blatt, De Majo Poli Po A2 lighting in red and white and the piece de résistance is my magnificent quilt which in its vibrancy sings and dances before my eyes. The changes have actually made the place look a whole lot bigger, so i’m ecstatic.

Once again, many thanks for your excellent suggestions.”

Client, Glebe, Studio apartment

Hi Robyn, Thanks very much for the samples – they are great choices.

Simon, Hunters Hill

Hi Robyn,

Just wanting to let you know we received your package on Thursday. Thanks very much.
We love the colours and have made our final choices from those suggested by you. We’ve advised the painter of the colours to be used and he will start in October.
We have also purchased the lights for the stairwell and dining room.
So, as you can see a lot of progress has been made since you visited. It took your visit and wonderful advice to get us moving forward. Thank you once again and I will keep you informed as we progress with the painting and decorating.

Coral, Hunters Hill

“Hi Robyn,

WE were thrilled with the advice we received from you 2 years ago with paint selection and light fixtures. Do you also offer advise on furniture arrangements? We want to change living /dining layout to maximize space.”

Hilary, Alexandria

Dear Robyn,

Your help with our renovation made the experience more enjoyable. We’re so pleased that you helped us choose everything for the bathrooms, kitchen and joinery. We were too busy with work to babysit the build. Your help and advice with everything was exactly what we needed. We will recommend you to anyone that asks!

Mike, Birchgrove

“Many thanks for helping us with our feature wall in the garden. As you saw, we were in deep trouble! It looks wonderful.”

Sophie, Annandale

We are more than happy with the colour selection Robyn and have recommended your services to friends. The investment is worth it!

Natasha, Queensland

Your suggestions were fantastic and got me on the right track. The main colour I ended up with was “Mudpack”, under the eaves and carport “Limed White”, gutters “Monument”

Thank you for your help you did a brillant job as reflected on my house – everyone else loves it as well.


Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the follow up and the painting has indeed finished. You are welcome to drop in for a look and take photos. The uniformity of the white wall/ceiling and door in the lounge room seemed to take away the boxy boundary of the room, an effect I really liked. The feature colours all blended in nicely and are very comfortable to the eyes. So once again, thank you for your services and I think this is a success story!

Weiyun, Birchgrove

“It is not often that I meet an artist who is able to combine artistic flair, social commentary and technical skills in the way that Robyn Hammond does.”

In her recent exhibition “from trash to treasure” at Global Gallery, Paddington, it was clear that Robyn really enjoys the creative process as a true professional. The luscious textured surfaces of her mixed media paintings act as a container for all sorts of objects trouvez. Treasures abound in these artworks, caught up in the rich layered surface texture. From tiny metal nails to scrunched bottle tops and buttons, these embedded items give the viewer a need for the “second look” that is the sign of a successful painting.

For me the “second look” gives an insight into the narrative quality of Robyn’s work. The richness of her colours and her textured compositions become a visual feast, offering a fascinating array of stories waiting to be interpreted.

“From trash to treasure” continued showing at the ISCD Spectrum Gallery much to my delight and the work has been a great inspiration to my staff and students. Robyn is a graduate of ISCD and has shown us her many talents: from fabric designer to colour consultant, artist to teacher, but it is in her paintings that she has really found the best way to express her passion for colour, texture and telling a lovely story.”

Prue Royle, Director of the International School of Colour and Design

“Robyn was so professional and helpful in helping us choose colours for our home. We live in an old ‘Black and White’ house in Singapore where all the walls are whitewashed and bare. Robyn chose a deep red ‘garnet’ for a feature wall and complimented the room with an olive trim. The solution was simple and we love the space now.”

Mary and Rick, Singapore

“With the help of ‘Good Manors Landscapers’, Robyn was able to transform her own courtyard into a functional, child friendly space. A new deck area was built and a water feature added for the kids to play in. The plants were selected to compliment the wall colour too! It’s an aesthetically pleasing, contemporary design that we all use and love. This space has been featured in a Vogue Living Summer Feature ”

Balmain, Sydney

We received the colours and have taken your advise to use the first colour selection, we agree they work better together. Thanks for your help, it has made things a lot easier and less stressful. Will send you some photos when built.

(On-line Colour consultation)
NSW Regional client

I received your package today – thankyou so much! I love all the colour schemes you have suggested – now just to choose one! You did a great job! Would be more than happy to send you before and after pics!

(On-line Colour consultation)

I love the new colours in our home. They are warm and inviting. The house was so sterile before. The best part about using your advice is that you listened to what we both like, and used our existing furniture and art to finish each room. You encouraged us to use our favourite things and not to throw out everything we love. Thank you!

Maria, Leichhardt

Please see Colour Consultant page for more information.


Colour Consulting Services offered by Robyn include:

  • Interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Advice on fabrics for soft furnishings
  • Advice for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Advice on flooring
  • Advice on lighting
  • Commissioned artwork
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