This home in Concord used to be shades of cream and needed updating. What a difference a crisp white and dark navy looks next to the red roof. The garage door also got a makeover in the deep navy. The colours used are all Dulux colours. I think this home looks more contemporary and the owners weren’t sure if they were staying or selling. Perhaps the makeover might keep them in the home a bit longer.



Dear future clients,

Please allow enough time to get my ideas and colour swatches back to you.  Some paint companies can take up to 10 days to make the A4 brush outs and post them back to me.  And I have to then send them to the client.  If you know your painter is starting on a certain day, please allow time for the consultation, making swatches, paint companies posting to me, and me posting to you.  I had an issue recently, where I met a client on a Tuesday and he thought he would have everything by the Friday for the painters.  It’s virtually impossible to get everything that quickly.  As much as I wish I could be that quick, I can’t be.

I look forward to helping you in 2018.

Happy painting!



A happy recipient of my designs has sent me a collage of the things she ordered, proudly displayed in her home. I must say, I really am pleased with how everything looks. When I design a print on my iPad, it’s sometimes hard to imagine the scale, however looking at these, I think the balance works. Redbubble is amazing product.
I had a small home sale last week with a handful of scarves and pouches available to purchase and everyone there was impressed with the silky feeling of the scarves, without being shiny and the printing is top quality. They make perfect gifts for posting and they dress up a simple outfit. They are by far my most bought item. Coming a close second would be the scatter cushions. They are the perfect accompaniment to a plain coloured sofa and I love them on velvet. The fabric feels like a smooth canvas, it’s not shiny and again, the printing is top quality. Great product at fantastic prices.

Robyn Hammond Design



This is a series of 4 designs in a reduced palette I created to mix and match at home or as apparel. The designs were inspired by an Autumn palette, however they work through all the seasons, especially at home with neutral coloured furniture. I have paired with charcoal and a light timber coloured frame on the art. Clothing, phone accessories, art, mugs and other products are available.



My previous fashion career meant creating ranges for clients to be able to mix and match items. With this in mind, I have designed 3 prints that work together or independently. All these designs are available in apparel, accessories or soft furnishings. Take a look. I am really impressed by the product quality of all the items. Delivery is quick and the items are well priced and available as single items with no minimums needed.



When designing scatter cushions, I like combining different prints with each other in a colour theme. This grouping has green as the common thread with touches of terracotta and pinks. The fabric of the Redbubble cushions is like a soft canvas with an invisible zipper to finish off the cushion slip. These could easily fit into a living room or bedroom setting and with the variety of sizes available, it’s easy to mix and match designs as well as sizes. The beauty of this company when ordering is no minimums have to be reached to manufacture, as everything is digitally printed, so you can have 1 or many. Ordering more than one usually triggers a discount. Prices start at $29 and go to $93 for the large floor cushion.

With Christmas coming, maybe it’s time to spruce up a room or get a guest bedroom ready for visitors? There are over 40 designs to look through. These are just a taste of what’s in my e-store.



Designing products that people will enjoy using is part of my reason for creating textile designs that I hope are eye catching as well as functional.
Receiving this photo collage yesterday of children lounging on some of my designs in their reading corner made me really happy. Their reading space has been transformed into colour central and they love the art on the floor.
If you would like to see these or my other products, here’s the link.

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Colour Consulting Services offered by Robyn include:

  • Interior and exterior colour schemes
  • Advice on fabrics for soft furnishings
  • Advice for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Advice on flooring
  • Advice on lighting
  • Commissioned artwork
Robyn Hammond’s Range

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Robyn has worked with Redbubble to create a range of homewares, apparel and accessories in her unique designs. Please take a look at her range of products on Redbubble and  watch for the weekly specials.



I stumbled upon Robyn’s details through a google search for colour consultants when we required assistance with exterior house colours, as was not wanting to use a paint brand consultant. Her immediate enthusiasm, warmth and listening skills were evident when talking to us to find out how we wanted Robyn to assist us. Robyn put together a well documented kit with all the choices of colours and where to use them. We took a year before we were able to proceed with the painting, and the end result is exactly as we wanted. The colours used have totally changed the look and feel of our home and we love the end result. Robyn knew we would take about a year to paint, and followed up with us a year later to find out how it all went. Excellent customer service and knowledge. For the cost of Robyn’s consultation, I would definitely recommend her expertise, and it took the pain out of trying to work out final colours ourselves, which is very difficult from those tiny square on paint charts…

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